Mining developpement accelerator

RunsSoft’s predictive remote sensing and spectral data analysis solutions remotely detect the presence of critical and strategic metals.

Machine learning to increase your chances of quickly finding sites of interest

Our predictive tools will enable you to remotely assess the strong indices you need for your mining exploration projects in strategic and critical metals such as lithium, rare earths, tantalum and tungsten.

Remote sensing performance

RunsSoft algorithms enhance and improve the predictive efficiency of our remote sensing tools.


RunsSoft remotely confirms the potential presence of minerals containing strategic and critical metals.

target size

RunsSoft outlines and qualifies the exploration site. You will know where to continue searching.

Discover a more informed
and cost-effective way to invest!

Making data speak

RunsSoft’s technology combines data from multiple satellite and field sources to establish more accurate predictive indices for locating strategic and critical metal targets.

Analyzing the territory

RunsSoft’s artificial intelligence and spectral data are used to interpret your target territory.

Target generation

RunsSoft confirms the presence of targets with high development potential through its specialized databases for strategic and critical metals.

Exploration opportunities

In order to reduce your costs and exploration time, RunsSoft assesses the relevance of continuing exploration and initiating the drilling stage. This helps you zero in on profitable projects.

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Socially acceptable and environmentally friendly exploration solutions

Using new technology satellite data provides high precision detection capabilities without interfering with local ecosystems.

What if your exploration projects could benefit from these new opportunities?

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Improve and facilitate the planning and logistics of your projects

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Reduce time spent

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Minimize your risks and maximize your project’s return on investment (ROI)

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